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Saturday Programs

Would Your Grooming Business Survive A Crisis?

Jennifer Bishop-Jenkins

In this must-see seminar, you will learn about what kinds of crises have hit grooming businesses, and what are likely to come in the foreseeable future, as well as receive specific financial planning information tailored to grooming businesses, including a model for calculating what specific amounts are needed for what kind of preparation planning. Jennifer will share specific models that different groomers around the country have used in various business disasters and will discuss the financial planning differences between personal crises such as divorce, and natural disasters such as hurricane, flu epidemic, etc. You will also hear tips from some special guests, including the GEAF (Groomer’s Emergency Assistant Fund). A disaster can strike anywhere at any time, so be sure your business is prepared!

Conquer Bad Hair Days Forever: The Truth About Coat Damage, Mats And Tangles

Dave Campanella

We struggle with de-shedding, de-matting, and de-tangling on a daily basis; many opinions, techniques, tools, and products attempt to tackle these challenges. However, we really need to understand some basic hair physiology and chemistry to select the best approach. We will review client dog video and the hair samples taken and analyzed with electron microscopy, observe coat damage, mats, tangles, and undercoat from several common coat types up-close as never seen before. This data provides keen insight that leads to guaranteed results! Learn how to safely release more shedding and mats while avoiding the risk of further coat damage and messes, eliminate pre-brushing and reduce stress. Create a much calmer environment by avoiding muscle strain and/or injury to you and your client dogs. Save time and earn more just by understanding the “Truth” behind bad hair days!

Poodle In A German Trim

Jonathan David

Poodles are one of the most easily recognized breeds and a breed we groom most often. But many customers don't like the feminine look of the most well known American trims. A German trim is a great alternative for those fickle customers or those with a male dog. In this one hour scissoring seminar, Jonathan will demonstrate how to set the lines of this beautiful trim and he will discuss the differences of this striking trim compared to other popular poodle cuts.

Grooming From The Inside

Dr. Deborah Grecco

Nutrition plays a pivotal role in the development and maintenance of the canine skin and coat. This lecture will focus on the primary macronutrients (protein, fat, and carbohydrates) and micronutrients (vitamins, minerals) that are necessary to promote healthy skin and a glossy coat. The lecture will also discuss the role of supplements and common concerns, such as food allergy, that may affect the appearance of the skin and coat.

Designer Doo’s... For Mutts!

Kathy Rose

Kathy has been perfecting designer dog styles for more than three decades at her salon. Learn how to create stunning styles that conform to each dog’s structure and suits the personality of both the client and the dog. Learn how to adapt breed profiles from purebreeds to create gorgeous “designer dog hairstyles” that will wow your clients. Kathy will also demonstrate how add-ons such as hair extensions, temporary color and bling will help to get you designer dog prices!

Salon Vs. Mobile

Angela Kumpe

Have a salon and thinking of going mobile? Have a van and thinking of opening a salon? Just getting started and not sure which would be best for you? Angela has been grooming for 20 years and owns and operates both a salon and a mobile van. In this class she will give you the pros and cons of both operations to help you determine which business would be the best fit for you.

Double Coated Styling

Chris Pawlosky

Chris will demonstrate different techniques you can use to clean up, fix up and finish up Shelties, Chows, Golden Retrievers, Border Collies, and Australian Shepherds. These techniques will separate your bath breeds from other grooming salons and allow you to charge more for these heavily coated dogs.

The New Generation Of Pet Grooming

Jessia Romani

Want to see state of the art tools and learn how to use them correctly? Come see Jessica’s introduction to amazing products. Jessica will share how to make your shop professional and convenient for your customers with the latest presentation techniques and technologies. She will also introduce a spectacular tool that groomers have been wishing for that is now on the market!

Customer Service: Keep Them Coming Back

Brett Wilson

Why would the pet owning public choose your salon over another? What creates customer loyalty? Customer service can impact the profitability of your business either positively or negatively. In this revenue-generating seminar, Brett will present methods that have proven to increase your client base, promote a positive public image, and reduce advertising costs through simple, practical consumer relations.

Super Styling The Bichon Frise

Sue Zecco

Getting the proper breed profile and balance in some dogs is more difficult than in others. The Bichon Frise can fall into the latter category, unless you're equipped with the knowledge and skills incorporated by Sue. You'll learn how to use snap-on combs to establish breed profile and balance in half the time you'd otherwise have to spend. Using these scissor and thinning shear techniques, you'll create the perfect Bichon head, and achieve the beautiful Bichon expression.

7 Secrets For Dealing With Difficult Clients

Linda Easton & Dr. Jim Warner

Are you grooming the dogs you enjoy for clients who appreciate what you do? Or are you stuck dealing with grouchy dogs and difficult clients? Let us help you change the conversation with your clients. This seminar will include sample “scripts”, tips and secrets to use with your clients and how to create great customers on their first visit in the salon, setting you up for years of a successful client relationship. Make customer service your first concern and set yourself apart from the competition.

Speed Grooming

Michell Evans

Time is money! In this demonstration Michell will show you her step by step process with attachment combs that will revolutionize your grooming. You will be able to create fabulous styles and make money too! “The Evans Method” will change the way you groom forever. You will be able to create more beautiful and more expensive grooms for your clients in nearly the same amount of time!

It Takes A Village: Creating A Public Image

Kristie Kingsland

Believe it or not, the success of your business rides not only on the cut of your scissors, but also on the bond you have with the community. This seminar will focus on ways to create a great public image! A good relationship with your community is fundamental to your success. Learn how working with competitors can boost your bottom line and numerous ways to keep your customers happy to ensure referrals keep rolling in.

Fanciful And Practical Styles For Today's Feline

Kimberly Raisanen

Do you want to add cat grooming to your salon’s list of services? Would you like to explore basic feline grooming styles? This is one seminar you won’t want to miss. A PowerPoint demonstration includes easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions on performing the sanitary clip, belly smoothie, basic lion cut, and modified lion cuts.

Putting Personality In Shih Tzu And Mixed Breed Heads

Sue Watson

Do you have problems getting that right look on the little characters you are working on? If so, Sue will show you some different ways to capture the best look for the dog you are having difficulty with. “Sometimes when you see the same dogs all the time you tend to put the same face on all of them, but they are all different and should look that way,” says Sue. Come see if you can learn something new or even add suggestions to others.

The 411 On Vaccines

Dr. Cliff Faver

Join Dr. Cliff Faver as he addresses how vaccines work, the ones to give and the ones you don’t need to give. He will also discuss the different quality of vaccines, frequency they need to be given, and options to not giving vaccines. All this is need-to-know information for the dogs in your salon.

What You Don't Know Could Cost You

Barb Hoover

Confused about your employment status? Not sure how to classify the groomers in your salon? The IRS has been watching small businesses closely and cracking down on misclassified workers. In this seminar, Barb will explain the types of workers, their responsibilities and help you to be in compliance as a groomer or a salon owner.

20/20 Add-On's For The Salon Or Mobile

Angela Kumpe & Lori Craig

While this is not an interview with Barbara Walters, it is an in depth investigation of add-on accessories and color application for busy salons and mobile groomers. Contrary to popular beliefs, accessories and color application can be fast and easy to apply, allowing you to earn money with little time and effort. Angela and Lori will first go over at least 20 different products and tell you everything you need to know to start offering these services in your salon; where to find them, how to use them, how to market them, and how to price them for you clients. Once they cover all the products they will prove how fast you can apply these products in a race against the clock. The girls will each have 20 minutes to apply 20 add-on accessories and/or color applications. Of course, it will be a competition to see who can get done first. Guaranteed to be an entertaining show that will keep you on the edge of your seat!

Lisa Leady On Handstripping

Lisa Leady

Handstripping is not just for the show ring! In this seminar, Lisa will discuss the theory of handstripping as well as practical applications. Once you know more about how the wire coated breeds respond to stripping the way they do, you will be able to use these techniques to improve your clippered dogs in the salon. Lisa will discuss stripping tools and how to use them to improve the color and texture of your clients’ coats. And these methods apply to sporting dogs and mixed breeds as well as terriers!

Springer Show Trim

Tammy Siert

Tammy will demonstrate how to groom an English Springer Spaniel for the show ring using carding, stripping, and thinning shear techniques. She'll discuss how to properly prepare the coat, giving bathing and drying techniques to help achieve a great finished product. All of these helpful hints can be applied to the everyday pet trim we all see in our shops.