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Thursday Programs

Essentials of Pet Grooming

Jonathan David

Hour 1) Understanding Your Tools

Join Jonathan David for a complete understanding of the variety of scissors and thinning shears. This session will cover the terminology, edges, assemblies and their manufacturing process. Jonathan will also review the variety of brushes and combs, stripping and carding tools and how they are all used.

Hour 2) Techniques for Using Shears and Thinners

This session will be a demonstration of technical skills using shears. Jonathan will demonstrate his well-known thinning shear "Scissor Over Comb Technique". He will also demonstrate straight and curved shears for scissoring curly coats and how to add contouring to your grooming for added style and flair.

Hour 3) How Structure and Anatomy Affect Your Grooming

Structure and anatomy affect the balance and proportion of all dogs. Groomers sometimes need to "camouflage groom" or hide faults in the coats. This session will cover common structural faults encountered every day and how to hide faults to bring out the best features for a beautifully finished groom.

Hour 4) Relating Breed Standards To Pet Grooming

In this session Jonathan will discuss and demonstrate ways to bring elements of breed profile grooming into your pet grooming. Jonathan will make suggestions on how to make the hair manageable for the owner, yet remain true to the integrity of the breed standard. He will show how to apply elements of pure breed trims to mixed breeds to create unique looks that satisfy every customer.

A Groomer's Guide to Purebred Dogs

Jennifer Bishop-Jenkins

This fast-paced overview of the world of dogs will provide context and back story for groomers to better understand what we see every day in our canine clients. Deeply rich in scientific and historical information, attendees will receive a Certificate for this academically substantive workshop. This must-see program will be especially helpful to the more novice groomer. But even the well-established dog professional will meet the most cutting edge new thinkers in our field and learn all new science, history, and organizational approaches to grooming the various coat types, based on an evolutionary understanding of dog breeds and groups.

Recent scientific studies have revolutionized our understanding of dogs and their history, as they have developed into the breeds and groups of breeds that we see today. Attendees will learn the origins, genetic makeup, and evolutionary forces that led to the anatomy and diversity of dog breeds, coat types, amazing abilities, and engaging behaviors of dogs that we see today.

Discover how both Nature and Nurture combined to create the closest relationship of any two species on this planet: the unique bond between Humans and the Dog. Find out what we learned about breeds of dogs when the canine genome was mapped. What is a "purebred" dog and how does the recent fad of designer crossbreeds fit in to the bigger picture? What do most dogs actually look like and how do they live worldwide?

Learn where dogs in all their vast variety of breeds came from and how their evolution and domestication may have been responsible for the very survival of humanity. Why are the modern dog breeds "grouped" into certain common functions, abilities, and even coat types? How does the origin of the 7 Groups help us better understand their grooming needs? What are the major dog coat types and how should each be groomed correctly? Why was each coat type created? We will identify and cover basic information on over 200 breeds, categorizing their coat types for easy organization into grooming approaches. We will also cover dog shows: what they are, how they can be accessed, and how groomers can benefit from them.

What tools, equipment, and grooming procedures are right and wrong for each type of coat? What differences exist between "pet" and "show" grooming for each of the coat types while modeling the Breed Standard? We will systematically lay out correct grooming procedures based on the science about each coat type. And groomers will learn the proper care of the most common and natural dog coat of all - the Double Coat - courageously tackling what has been a controversy in our evolving profession.

By the end of the day every groomer will have acquired have a deep understanding of, and powerful evidence for, the importance of the grooming profession.

Harnessing Your Profit: Budgets, Costs, Salon Efficiency and More

Brett Wilson

Are you tired of chasing your tail on a daily basis? Struggling to make ends meet is every Entrepreneur's nightmare. "Owners shouldn't make a profit." We are told this every day. However, without profit we as owners cannot sustain business and create a thriving environment for our teams to work under. In this four hour, information packed seminar you will gain the knowledge to help you succeed as a profiting owner should. Learn tips, tricks, and gain the tools to properly get your team moving and your customers following your procedures while creating more room in your bottom line. Join Brett as he shares over 10 years of success stories operating a business with multiple locations and nearly twenty employees. This class will feature detailed handouts for even further success to take home for review.

AKC S.A.F.E. Grooming Program

Susan Sholar

The American Kennel Club recognizes that grooming is important to the overall health, comfort and well-being of pets. Setting the standard in groom safety to ensure these needs are met for all pets in salon, The AKC is proud to offer the Safety in Salons Certification Program to groomers and salons.

As reputable and quality pet care professionals, groomers should consider the safety and welfare of the pets entrusted to their care. The Safety in Salon course will review best practices focusing on pet care, health, and safety. Topics covered include accident avoidance, disease awareness, and sanitation.

All groomers who attend will be eligible, at no additional charge, to become AKC Safety Certified Groomers and receive a frameable certificate and other great benefits.

This course is also an important part of the requirements for the AKC Safety in the Salon Certification. This salon certification gives salon owners a means to show their commitment to the health and safety of pets and in return receive valuable marketing support from the AKC.

Barkleigh Pet Professional First Aid/CPR Certification

Jill Pipino

As a pet care professional, you want to be equipped with the skills to handle medical emergencies that arise while a pet is in your care. Whether a pet becomes ill, injured, or needs help in a disaster, this course will teach you how to respond.

In this four hour interactive course you will learn emergency care, how to stock a first aid kit, perform CPR, respond to breathing and heart emergencies (including choking), and disaster procedures, with some of these exercises being demonstrated on a live dog. This unique course is customized for pet care professionals and you will learn how to respond to emergencies specific to your industry. Upon completion of this course, you will receive a frameable certificate stating that you are certified in dog and cat First Aid & CPR.

Thursday Evening

Handstripping for the Everyday Groomer

Victor Rosado

Explore the world of handstripping and learn how to apply it to your everyday grooming! This ancient technique gains popularity today as the groomers explore the benefits of this scientific grooming method. Learn the basics and more advanced methods that will give you more options to offer to your clients. This is a two hour seminar with a live demo offered by the Handstripping Travel Team member of the World Champion Gold winning Team in Belgium 2017, Victor Rosado.

Spicing up the Everyday “Puppy Cut”

Anne Francis & Mackensie Murphy

Everyday, the same haircuts over and over again can be your first cause of the dreaded burn out! Anne Francis and Mackensie Murphy, with their combined 30 plus years of grooming, will show you the tricks they’ve picked up along the way to jazz up their regular pet trims. Make your work stand out from your competition!

All About Bathing Systems and HV Dryers

Dave Campanella

Having trouble determining which shampoo bather system and methods will work best for you and your business? In the first hour of this two-part seminar, you’ll learn the science and workflow process behind each of today’s most popular systems. Discover how to get the most from each system along with many proven tips that will save you time, money and aggravation.

In the second hour, you’ll discover what really matters for enhanced dryer performance. This seminar provides a complete understanding of the “Drying Process” backed by science and proven secrets of the trade, as well as what to look for in a new dryer and simple maintenance tips. This two part seminar is a fresh perspective and “must see” for any salon owner, mobile business or start-up!