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Thursday Programs

Brusher Bather Certificate Program

Teri DiMarino

Your ability to do your job, and do it right, separates you from being "just a bather" to a position that contributes to the finished product in the salon. Teri believes that a good bath, brush and dry is 50% of a great groom. The bathing room is where most stylists started. Before future groomers begin to think of clipping coat, they must first know what to expect from the hair, and how to treat it to obtain desired results. Surprisingly, many great B/Bs remain in the bathing room, preferring the security of knowing there will always be a need for their expert services. Bathers-in-training, "groomer wannabes", seasoned groomer techs and salon owners will benefit from this day-long program with tips on equipment and products to make the job easier. From getting the dog ready for the tub, to finding the right shampoo through proper bathing and blow-drying techniques, Teri will cover the B/B fundamentals. Safety issues and handling will be stressed.

Tools of the Trade and How to Use Them

From brushes and nail clippers, muzzles to grooming loops, Teri covers equipment basics, highlighting correct uses, in an effort to make the work easier and more comfortable for pet and bather. "These techniques and tools will make the finished groom a true work of art," says Teri. Anals and ears will be also discussed.

Dematting… It’s Not What It Used To Be

Everyone has a technique for dematting a neglected pet. For some, it’s a shave-down and then entering the pelt in a Mat Contest. For others, it’s a time-consuming, hair-splitting experience, destined to take its toll on the pet, the B/B or both. Teri examines the most common and effective products, tools and techniques for the demat dilemma without getting all tangled up.

What’s In Those Bubbles??? Shampoos, Conditioners & Spray

Tocopherol, Ergocalciferol, Sodium Chloride. Teri takes a "groomers-eye" view of the stuff we use every day in language we can understand. Shampoos, sprays and conditioners are our most expendable items but what do we really know to select the right product for our situation? (Those scary words are techno-speak for vitamin E, vitamin D and simple table salt, often found in many grooming products.)

Getting the Most Out of Your Bathing and Drying Time

Bathing and drying are the most underestimated aspects of our jobs. Techniques can make or break a groom. The ability to properly apply products, thoroughly clean and then dry the pet will have a direct influence on the finish. You will hear about time-saving equipment and techniques.

This program is six hours long and is included in the Do-It-All admission or can be purchased separately. See Schedule and Registration for starting times and fees. Program includes Trade show on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Hair and Skin 101 Certificate Course

Dr. Cliff Faver

Learn the science, techniques, and product types to successfully put the “why” in what you do. This course is a must for groomers, bathers, and office personnel in the grooming shop and veterinary clinic alike. Come see what some say can’t be done! Real-time cases done by groomers will be shared.

1) Understanding Hair and Skin

Learn the basic anatomy and function of the skin and hair. This is a critical foundation for this class and everything a groomer or bather does. This hour will explain a lot of the science about how nutrition, sebum, and basic anatomy work so you can understand the “why” in what you do.

2) Understanding the Difference in Coat Types and The Protocols to Use

In this class you will learn the needs of the different coat types so you can make better decisions in the product types you pick for maximum results.

3) Understanding Common Things That Go Wrong and That Lead To Skin issues

Always wonder why these skin conditions occur and reoccur? Does technique play a factor? Could I have caused that issue? When the client or veterinarian accused me of causing the issue, is that true?

4) The Science to Follow in Treating Skin Issues

Learn methods, techniques, and types of products to fix the skin problems when they occur. Learn principles that will lead to success when treating skin issues, how to grow hair back on those shaved-down dogs, and why steroids and antibiotics and the typical therapies for skin don’t always work.

Come learn how as a groomer you can make a difference and save lives.

Strong Mind, Strong Business

Joey Villani

A successful business starts with a certain attitude and mindset. Without this, no one person or business can be completely successful. For over a decade, Joey Villani has studied some of the top business minds in the world and has applied these winning techniques to not only the pet industry, but also to help build the events and tours of the likes of Justin Timberlake, U2, Madonna and over 100 other major artists around the world. Come see how this can help you!

Hour 1) Your Beliefs Become Your Reality

How does anyone expect to change things like life events, habits and more? If you do not believe that you can change your direction at any given time, you probably feel lost. Everyone may agree that our mindset means a lot, but how do we get there and achieve our dream? In this hour, Joey is going to teach you how to reset your mind and get you on the path to your winning ways.

Hour 2) How Hungry Are You?

After an event, we get pumped up and want to apply everything; the New Year’s resolution syndrome. We start strong and sometimes can’t make the finish line. This hour will give you tips and exercises to keep you pumped and strong to not only finish, but to win.

Hour 3) Attitude is Everything

This is a specialty of Joey’s! How do you go into a room and capture an audience (this could be your clients!) and let them know you are the top dog here? It does not matter if you are unsure of yourself or shy, this hour will change you.

Hour 4) The Mind of a Winner

Sometimes we get to where we are going and then lose focus because we cannot keep the drive. How do you continue to move forward? This hour is going to give you winning tips to keep it fresh, driven and unstoppable.

Super Styling the Poodle Three Ways

Sue Zecco & Jay Scruggs

If there's a single breed that you're certain to find coming to you for grooming, it's the Poodle. All of them, no matter what trim or style their owners select, should be elegant, well-balanced, and scissored. Grooming difficult feet, achieving a beautiful topknot, and getting that overall balanced look are not the easiest tasks in the world. Jay and Sue demonstrate techniques and styles on three Poodles in this exciting all Poodle Day! They will provide timesaving tips, and show you how to do a quick and stylish everyday pet trim that will be low maintenance for your everyday clients. Then be wowed as they demo how to set patterns on more traditional poodle trims. Jay and Sue will also demonstrate proper body positioning to get the best control of your shears so your finishes are smooth. Whether you are a beginner or expert, this seminar will cover multiple techniques to benefit you!

AKC Certificate Course: The Australian Shepherd


Join breeder, handler Jennifer Bishop-Jenkins for this seminar that takes you on a journey to develop the ability to study, understand, interpret, and transfer the breed standards of the Australian Shepherd. Learn the history, structure, unique traits, and conformation of this beautiful breed. Jennifer will also live-demo an Aussie in a show trim for you, sharing the tools she used to create the perfect breed profile. In addition, it will include a video of other prominent Aussie show breeders on the AKC circuit.

NDGAA Workshop

Sue Watson

The NDGAA Workshop is a great opportunity to watch hands-on demonstrations for the breeds you must test with on your way to becoming a Nationally Certified Master Groomer. You will meet certifier Lisa Leady for the NDGAA who will be grooming examples of a Sporting Breed, a Non-Sporting Breed and either a long- or short-legged Terrier – breeds you might use for testing. You will have the opportunity to ask questions about the trims, the dogs, the tests, what the certifiers assess when they are evaluating grooms and so on. The seminar begins with a welcome and a pre-test to give attendees an example of what the tests look like and how questions might be worded. The breed demos will follow, concluding wih a Q&A session.

Thursday Evening

Summer Doodle Flair

Mackensie Murphy

Trying out a new hairstyle can feel like a breath of fresh air. In this seminar, Mackensie will show you her new favorite doodle trim! This trim is short, sweet, and sprinkled with Asian fusion. Mackensie will discuss products and tools specific to the coat type at hand, as well as easy-to-understand grooming techniques for this stylized summer trim.

Difficult Dog Certificate Course: Safe Handling

Melissa Jepson

In today's increasingly litigious society, it's more important than ever to understand how to safely handle as many different types of dogs as possible. So what do we do when we feel our safety is compromised? In this two-hour class, Melissa shows you in real time how to quickly, compassionately, and efficiently handle the difficult behavioral problems we face every day.

Simply Creative

Angela Kumpe & Adriane Pope

Creative grooming is not for every client, however; many have grown to love and adore it. With media coverage, social media, and creative documentaries, our clients are seeing more and more creative grooming which has them more interested and willing to try a little color than ever before. In this class, Angela and Adriane will walk you through several ways to easily add color to clients’ pets without wasting valuable time and keeping the mess to a minimum. They will demonstrate step-by-step color applications and techniques that will have you coloring like a pro in no time. They will also go over types and brands of dyes, temporary color, time-saving tips, marketing, and what you will need to get started.