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Sunday Programs

Cocker Spaniel Pet Trim

Scott Wasserman

Cocker Spaniels are a popular, affectionate breed, but they come with a high-maintenance coat. The gorgeous, wavy double coat is elegant in the show ring, but is not practical for the everyday pet owner. Scott Wasserman will demonstrate how to keep some of the main features of the Cocker without the commitment of a full-blown show coat. He will also teach you how to achieve an easy-to-maintain cut that pet owners will drool over!

Sporting Dogs in the Salon

Nadia Bongelli

We all know about hand-stripping terrier coats, but what about proper care and grooming of sporting breed jackets? These techniques are more useful in your day-to-day grooming than you may think! Uncover a whole new world and coat type and add another handy skill to your arsenal.

Providing Excellent Customer Service (Without Being a Doormat)

Chris Anthony

Customer service has come a long way, as has customer expectations. We want to please our customers, but how to do this without letting them walk all over us? Is it even possible? An even better question might be, how would this even be accomplished while maintaining a polite, professional demeanor? You’ll learn how to determine when to go that extra mile and when to stand firm. In this class Chris will talk about how to cultivate the customers we want, and help the customers we have appreciate us without succumbing to telling them exactly what we think.

Everyday Temporary Color and Accessories

Angela Kumpe & Adriane Pope

Learn easy, simple, and profitable creative grooming and accessories that you can do in your shop. Angela Kumpe and Adriane Pope will teach you everything from temporary colors to accessories. You will leave this class with the inspiration and knowledge to get started in creative color and easy accessories that will set you apart from the rest.

Driving Into the Contest Ring

Mackensie Murphy

Have you ever wondered if grooming competitions are for you? How do you even get started? Mackensie has 12 years of experience in the contest ring as one of the USA’s top competitors, and in this seminar, will dish out all of her secrets! From how to get started, finding dogs and packing for shows to advanced open-level tricks and insight. Let’s not even get started about getting registered! This class will be sure to prepare you for your next competition, fine-tune your attention to detail, and help set you up for success!

Grooming with Efficiency: Speed Hacks with Kat

Kat Early

There is no shame in being a power groomer, and Whitman’s Pro Team Member Kat Early will show you how! Creating an efficient grooming routine will ensure you will never wake up in the middle of the night asking yourself, “Did I trim Fluffy’s nails?” Did you know the more you move around the table, the more time you are wasting? Kat will teach you how consistency in the order of which you groom will cut down on your time without cutting down on quality.

Handstripping with Grace

Grazia Adriani

Once almost a dying art, hand-stripping has made a big comeback in the past few years. More and more owners are wanting their dogs hand-stripped to maintain coat and skin health, and it’s hard to find groomers that know this technique. In this seminar, Grace will teach you the fundamentals of hand-stripping, explaining what the different tools are, how to use them, the proper technique, what all the different terms mean, how to take care of a wire coat, and how to schedule them and charge for your time. The objective of this class is to give you a solid foundation so you can have the confidence to start practicing and building your hand-stripping skills into a solid income revenue stream. Grace will also have a variety of hand-stripping tools and giveaways courtesy of Artero USA.

Troubleshooting Employee Issues

Denise Heroux

Do you feel like you keep hitting a brick wall managing people? Does it leave you questioning having employees? If yes, then this seminar is for you! Denise will discuss some of the most common problems that employers run into with having employees. This seminar will also help you strategize ways to confront them head on and move forward to a stronger team.

Better Business Brain

Blake Hernandez

This is a crash course on Blake’e business and way-of-life mindset. Learn how to get in the state of mind necessary to follow through on your goals and make your dreams a reality. Do you only want to groom the cutest dogs? Would you like to do that while also creating other sources of income? Well, Blake has been putting that into practice for years and wants to share with you how we he’s done it!

Perfecting Your Grooming, One Leg at a Time

Ashley Pacini

Legs are one of the most difficult parts to achieve on a dog and have the potential to negatively impact your overall groom. In this hour-long demonstration, Ashley will share how, through refined clipper and scissor work, you can achieve the perfect column leg on any breed with any coat type.

Back to the Basics

Markie James

Even if you are a seasoned groomer or brand new, sometimes getting back to the basics is what we need! In this class, Markie James will go over all the basics: from what tools are on the market and available to us, blade lengths and when to use them, holding your shears properly, ergonomics to take care of yourself, safety rules to live by, to organizing tips to make your day go smoother.

Mobile Grooming Tips and Tricks

Cassandra Eye

Cassandra successfully operates four mobile units with five groomers, and she’s excited to share her knowledge with other owner/operators who are looking to expand. This class is for current mobile business owners, and will help give you guidance in streamlining your mobile business. Cassandra will give her best tips and advice on making your mobile business run smoothly and efficiently.