Sunday Programs

Step Up Your Prep Work

Sue Zecco & Jay Scruggs

Do you ever wonder why your grooms don’t come out as nice as you would like? Do you have to keep going over your clipper or scissor work? It’s all in the prep work! Perfect prep work leads to a perfect groom. In this seminar, Sue & Jay will discuss preparing different coat types to get them ready for their finish grooming. They will demonstrate from the basics of prepping to the discussion of bath, brush, dry, de-shed, and fluff-out to have the dog best prepared for the finish groom. Tools, equipment, and product tips will all be shared. This seminar is great for all levels of grooming. Whether you are a bather/brusher or a do-it-all groomer, this will definitely help with the quality of your finish grooms as well as with the speed of your bath and drying time.

Theory of Different Headpieces

Grazia Adriani

Eyebrows, falls, beards! There are subtle differences between Lakies, Welsh, & Wire Fox Terriers. Nailing those differences is not easy! Join Grazia Adriani, one of GroomTeam USA’s travel members, for this seminar on terrier heads. Grace will demonstrate and explain the differences between each of these terriers and show you how to achieve the look that is so particular to each one of them.

Marketing Yourself Through Photos

Anna Stowell

Want to learn how to build a portfolio of your work through photos? Let Anna show you how to brand yourself, track progress, and market yourself to potential employers or employees! You can target your ideal clientele by showcasing your work. The “Doodle Queen” herself has done all this to build up her 42k plus followers! She is excited to also share her best tips and tricks for angles, lighting, cameras, backgrounds, and more!

Demystifying Shampoo Label Claims

Dan Williams

Do you know what the ingredients are on a shampoo bottle? Do those claims live up to the hype? What about conditioners, styling solutions, and odor removal? This seminar will assist you in selecting the liquid grooming products for your clients. Charts, graphs, colorful photos, and text enable you to easily choose the type of product needed for various applications. Dan will focus on various label claims and speak constructively on which active ingredients are best aligned with different claims. Medicated, therapy, anti-itch, deodorizing, volumizing, brightening, and other specialty performance product will also be discussed.

The Art of Abstract Designs

Adriane Pope

Have you ever wanted to know how some groomers put that perfect Creative Abstract design on their dog or cat? Adriane Pope will teach you how to pick a design for a dog that can be simple or extreme. She will go over the placement, the clippers that work best, and the perfect finishing touches. It’s time to be different and have a Creative Abstract design walking around in your shop, or actually get out on the runway and compete with your work of art! Come and have a little fun with Adriane Pope.

Puppy Primping Practice

Blake Hernandez

Animal lovers are blessed to have endless patience with many aspects of animal care. For Blake, it is puppy training. He loves raising and training puppies, and with his experience in breeds from multiple groups, different hair, and different regimens, it has led him to many good techniques to teach early on for grooming success. This isn't all about the puppies though; he will talk about specific handling tricks to use on aggressive dogs, overweight dogs, dogs with disabilities, and senior dogs.

Hot Mess to Marvelous

Mindy Dinwiddie

Mindy will take a mess of a dog and transform it into something marvelous, showing you when to use different products and tools for the best results. This class is based on what we all have coming into our salons on a daily basis.

Groomers in the Green: Understanding Your Money

Dr. Molly Rowland & Todd Rowland>

This course focuses on the financial side of the pet grooming business—whether you are a solo groomer or have an entire team! The material from this course will benefit groomers at every level, from the employee to the multi-salon owner by teaching the foundation for setting realistic budgets, unexpected expenses, creating an emergency fund, appropriately paying and providing benefits (yes, even to yourself!), pricing, and how to create your plan to financial freedom for your business and your personal life!

Cracking the Code of Service Upsells and Retail Sales

Elena Volnova

In this seminar, you will learn how to create a grooming services upsell menu that generates money outside of grooming through physical and online sales to your customers. Find out the psychology behind dog parent purchasing behavior and how to pick and price products and extra services to generate additional revenue. Learn how to purchase the right products for retail and how to generate "mailbox money" through affiliate programs without investing a penny in inventory. Discover real-life examples of groomers who cracked the code of service upsells and retail and walk away with a list of products that dog parents actually buy without feeling threatened they would take away your business.

How to Enrich Your Customer Experience

Samantha Palya

The customer journey starts before they enter through your door and doesn't end until days after their pet is brought back home. In this seminar, Samantha will discuss three parts of the customer journey and how to enhance their experience to lead to 5-star reviews! She will also discuss how your online presence can and will attract the ideal client, how to prepare your customer service team to create a lasting impression, and how to get your clients to share their experience with others. Your business and bottom line will grow from having a great customer service plan in place!

Super Styling Drop-Coated Breeds

Sue Zecco & Jay Scruggs

We see more drop coats in our shop than almost any other coat type. In this demonstration, Sue and Jay will show you how to get a more natural look by using snap-on combs and thinning shears. No more using scissors on a drop coat! Whether you groom Lhasas, Malteses, Yorkies, or Shih-Tzus, this demo will help you achieve better results with the use of new tools and the right pair of thinners. Sue and Jay will also discuss which thinning shears to use on different coat types. This pet trim will be short yet stylish while still leaving a natural finish.

Stop Wingin' It! Have a Plan

Elli Bultemeier

Work, family, personal time, and everything always gets in the way of our future success. Let’s dive into planning and goal setting, and get clear on what our future successes are. Stop letting the day to day dictate your life. Get control today!

Faster, Better, Lower-Cost Baths With Shampoo Dispensing Systems

Dan Williams

All the way from the simplest to the most complicated systems, each of the primary types of shampoo dispensing systems will be reviewed with respect to the pros and cons. This includes gallon hand pump, 32oz mixing bottle, open-tub sump pump, compressed air tank, venture-type gallon draw, and diaphragm pump reservoir-type systems. Each of these systems offers unique benefits that relate to a faster, better, lower-cost bath. Maintenance and care for each type of system will be also discussed, helping shop owners to finalize their shampoo dispensing system decision, and also enable pet groomers to have the confidence to dig deeper into the shampoo system that they are considering recommending or investing in.

And What Did We Learn Today?

Chris Anthony

Some days everything seems to run perfectly smooth, and every customer and pet is happy. Some days, not so much. None of us were born with a pair of golden scissors in our hands, or perfect business people—mistakes happen. It’s never been about being perfect and not making mistakes, it’s about learning from those mistakes and being just a little better tomorrow than we were today. In this class we’ll talk about some-real life mistakes that Chris will own up to and how she learned not to make them again. We’ll also cover some that were witnessed. Time permitting, we’ll brainstorm some tricky issues attendees might be having now. Remember, making mistakes simply means that you are learning faster!