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Sunday Programs

Pomeranian in a Teddy Bear

Olga Zabelinskaya

In this seminar you will watch as Olga transforms a Pomeranian into a cute and cuddly, teddy bear trim. She will use blending as well as shaping to demonstrate a balanced trim and give the dog a round head and fluffy legs. This is a traditional trim that clients will love and it can be modified shorter for low maintenance.

How to Get More Referrals

Fernando Camacho

Grooming, like all other dog service businesses, is mostly a referral based industry. However, so many business aren’t doing the things they should be to take advantage of this powerful form of traffic. A referral is the easiest sale you can get - they’ve already been sold on how awesome your business is by someone else. Fernando will go over the 2 main sources of referrals you have available to you and how you can cultivate them to bring you a constant stream of new clients without ever having to lift a finger or spend a dollar on advertising.

Super Short Styles for Drop Coats

Sue Zecco

As professional stylists, we hate to hear those words "take it all off". This is one phrase that takes most of the creativity and expertise out of our job. In this seminar, Sue will show "short styles" that still represent your reputation as a stylist. This seminar will include quick tips to do nice, short trims on drop coats without shaving the pets with a blade. This is a must see for all stylists!

House-Call Grooming: You Do What in People's Homes

Laura Hearn

Want to go mobile but don't have the funds for a grooming vehicle yet? Laura shows you how to still be a mobile groomer by actually grooming the pet inside the client's home. We'll cover business expenses, equipment needed, hair containment, safety concerns, and setting prices. Learn a bit more about this niche way of mobile grooming!

When Your Client Wants You to Be a Vet

Dr. Cliff Faver

Why do my clients ask me vet questions? If I answer them, could I get in trouble? How do I answer the questions so I don’t upset the vet? These are all questions we ask ourselves from time to time. Come and learn what you can and can’t say legally and when to refer cases versus handle them yourself. We will also talk about when the vet blames you for causing issues. Did I really cause it or is he looking for a scapegoat? We will also discuss strategies on getting veterinarians to work with groomers.

Abstract Creative Runway: From Clippers to Catwalk

Kelly Knight

With all of her wins, and being the first abstract creative groomer to make the cover of Groomer to Groomer, Kelly Knight has become the belle of creative runway competitions. Kelly will demonstrate the entire process, from concept to completion. She will explain how she finds and what she looks for in a design. Then how she puts in that design. She explains and answers questions about everything from how she finds her attire and dresses, to questions about runway and grooming. This class is great for anyone wanting to add this unique niche to their salon offerings. It’s a must for anyone thinking about competing in an abstract creative runway competition.

Grooming the Schnauzer

Sue Watson

In this seminar, Sue will demonstrate setting proper lines on the Schnauzer, as well as easy ways to set in the Schnauzer eyebrows. Even though we are doing pet trims, come learn how to achieve that show dog look!

Pain-Free De-Matting

Linda Easton

Have you ever wished you could make matted dogs look cuter? How about grooming the matted dogs without fear of skin irritation or nicks? Now you can. De-matting doesn’t have to hurt. Let Linda show you how to de-mat using techniques she has been using for over 40 years! We will talk about what can cause matting and how to groom even the most pelted dogs leaving some hair. Linda will talk about how to charge and schedule for matted dogs and how groomers can tap into this extra income source! She will also talk about helping customers feel good about bringing their dog to you and rescheduling grooming appointments. Linda has lots of videos showing how to de-mat painlessly and how to groom matted dogs without shaving them in a #10 or #7! This is a great way to help dogs, educate customers and create customer loyalty!

The Rosetta Bone: Decoding Canine Social Dynamics

Khris Berry

By reducing our language of interaction and learning to decode canine social language in a systematical and numerical manner, we can begin to understand our canine partners on a universal level. This 1 hour class is a guide to understanding the language of canine social behavior, how it relates to you as a pet professional, and how to apply it to connect more deeply and communicate more clearly with the dogs around you.

From Corporate to Private to the Toughest Boss Ever (You!)

Chris Anthony

There are many employment options for groomers to choose from, and pros & cons to each of them. In this seminar, these will be gone over in depth and with some humor by someone who's worked for two big corporations, several small private shops, and is now finally working for her toughest boss yet - herself. Chris will cover some of the many variables that make every corporate & private shop experience different, including external factors that may make a change necessary. What was a good fit a few years ago, may not be now. Also touched on, the dreaded "IC"; is it legal and is it the right arrangement for you? Whether you’ve got 20+ years under your belt, or are just starting to think that this might be the career for you, this class will help you find the right fit for you.

Handstripping 101

Valerie Partynski

In this seminar, Valerie will teach you how to hold your tools correctly, how to strip a blown coat, and how to start and maintain a rolled coat. She will also show examples of why handstripping is so important for breeds with wiry coats, and how learning this specialty will make you an asset to your area and salon. From learning the products and tools, to proper techniques, you will walk away feeling excited to try it on your own.

Leader of the Pack

Cheryl Purcell

Learn how to be the pack leader of your salon - and not just with the dogs. You need to be the pack leader of your employees and clients, too. Cheryl will teach you how to be an effective alpha without having to face a challenge at every turn.

How to Transform Your Salon into a Tranquil Spa Atmosphere

Malissa Diener

In this lecture we will section the grooming salon and mobile unit into four equal parts; the front/reception area, the grooming area, the bathing area and the kennel or pet containment area. With each cross section you will learn how to transform each space into a calming and nurturing atmosphere, showcasing Chronotherapy; the use of color, Feng Shui energy flow, Aromatherapy; science of scent and Music Therapy; using sound. There will also be a strong emphasis on D.I.Y., recycling and how making changes do not need to be expensive to achieve.

Difficult Dogs: Exploring the Reasons Why

Barb Hoover

Fido is great for all parts of the grooming routine except for his nails. Fluffy throws a fit getting her face washed. Benji will not stand up. Sound familiar? Barb explores the reasons why and what can be done to make grooming a more cooperative effort and ways to work a dog through his issues for a better grooming experience.