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Sunday Programs

The Mindful Groomer: Achieving Balance Throughout Your Entire Grooming Process

Dave Campanella

It’s easy to overlook the intricate process of professional grooming. Dave will identify the key elements required to manage a stress-free grooming environment. Not understanding these elements can make for an up-hill struggle of “trial and error”, not to mention unnecessary physical and mental anguish often leading to burn out or failure. Dave’s visual presentation and discussion will illustrate how simple coat & skin facts, basic hair care chemistry, and scientifically proven methods relate to developing a more mindful grooming protocol for mastering one’s tools, equipment, techniques, safety and health. Balancing these elements will help you manage a more successful and effective business overall.

When Your Customer Asks You To Be A Vet

Dr. Cliff Faver

Dr. Faver will discuss common ailments or diseases that your customer may ask you to treat. He will give you tips on when and what situations you should refer to a veterinarian, what problems you can handle as a groomer and the legal issues involved with treating a customer’s pet.

Mobile Mayhem

Kristie Kingsland

Mobile grooming can quickly ramp up into a frantic no-win day! You’re working as fast as you can, why are you still running behind? What can you do to successfully manage the mayhem? This seminar will provide you with helpful, practical tips to save your business and your sanity. Some topics will include: workplace organization, booking, tools and tool maintenance, accidents, and personal well-being.

Airedale Terrier Pet Strip

Valerie Partynski

Learn to do a strip/clip combination for your Airedale clients that want to maintain the texture and color of their dog’s coat, without all of the work of a full handstrip.

Grooming The American Cocker Spaniel

Chris Pawlosky

Chris will show you everything you need to know about grooming the American Cocker Spaniel. A live grooming demonstration will include an interpretation of the breed standard to help you style a Cocker properly. “I will include many short cuts and will finish with our favorite low maintenance Suburban Trim,” says Chris.

Clipper Art (With And Without Color)

Angela Kumpe & Lori Craig

Angela and Lori will show you how to carve beautiful detailed patterns into the coat. This is an awesome way to try creative styling without the commitment of color. This is also a great way to add creative flair to dark coats without the hassle of trying to add color. Although these designs can be left without color then they will go a step further and add color to the designs.

Scissors 101: Understanding Your Shears

Jonathan David

Today's stylists are faced with so many types of shears to choose from with so many options. With terms like bevel edge, semi-convex, convex edge, bent shank, offset, even handle and the list goes on, the options can be dizzying. In this seminar, Jonathan will discuss the various types of edges available and what they're designed for. Jonathan will also go over the various lengths and handle types available and the purposes for each type. Also included in this seminar is proper cleaning and maintenance recommended to extend the life of your most precious of tools.

Handstripping The Terrier

Michell Evans

Michell will demonstrate hand-stripping in this seminar using a Terrier. She will discuss the theory of hand-stripping as well as practical applications. Once you know more about how the wire coated breeds respond to stripping, you will be able to use these techniques to improve your clippered dogs in the salon. The methods taught will apply to all breeds, not only Terriers!

The Perfect Poodle Pet Trim

Tammy Siert

Do you want to be a step above your competition? Tammy will show how to do a pet trim on a Poodle using clipper attachments that will add style to your everyday pet trim. She will show the correct lines on face, feet, and tail and time saving scissoring techniques that WILL separate you from your competition.

Am I Really Making Money?

Brett Wilson

Are you working harder for less income? Are your debts growing, while your income is shrinking? Where is the profit in the grooming industry? Take a dive into your bookkeeping, and learn once and for all how to make real money in this ever-changing business. This cost-analysis based seminar will truly show you where every penny of your business is spent down to how much it costs per dog for shampoo.

The Bichon Head: From Show To Short

Lindsey Dicken

Lindsey will start by doing a show type head, then demonstrate three more styles on the same dog, ending with a short easy maintenance style. Any of those could be applied to your client dogs!

Smart Style System

Linda Easton

If there was a system to increase efficiency while increasing the quality of your groom, wouldn’t you be all in? Let Linda show you tips to get more dogs done while reducing stress for you and the dogs. Don’t sacrifice quality grooming for speed. It’s all about the system! If you could groom just one more dog each day, you are on the road to financial success.

The Savy Employer

Michell Evans

Michell will discuss the ins and outs of motivating, supervising and managing employees. All you wanted to be was a grooming salon owner……now you find yourself in a supervisor role. This class will discuss ways to help you cope with employees. They work hard for us, let’s work hard for them! This class is good for owners and managers.

Wire Fox Terrier Clipper Cut

Valerie Partynski

In this class, Valerie will teach you the correct pattern for the Wire Fox terrier, and how to achieve that show look with various blades, snap-on combs, scissors, and carding.

You Had Me At Meow! – Cat Communications

Kimberly Raisanen

Cats can communicate with us without making a sound. Their tails,
ears, and eyes tell an entire story. It is up to the professional groomer
to understand the meaning! Once you understand feline body language, you will wish you had groomed them years ago. This seminar will be full of fun, prizes, and surprises.