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All American Grooming Show Events

Abstract Design Runway Competition

Saturday Evening after Best In Show

Showcase the beauty in simplicity by entering Saturday evening’s abstract runway competition. The competition features beautifully sculpted, simple abstract designs that use minimal color, if any. These designs should be doable in one day and be appropriate for a client’s dog or cat. Without any elaborate scenery or costumes, contestants will rely on their designs and complementary stylist’s attire as they compete for cash prizes.

2022 All American Creative Runway

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Knock Your Smocks Off
Smock Contest

Grooming smock or other frock, Whatever you wear to repel the hair, Decorate your clothes; anything goes. There’s no limitation on your imagination. Registration is only $5. Just add Smock Contest to your cart to enter. Will a new designer be born? When all is said and done, just have fun!

AKC Master Groomer

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Creative Styling Contest

The Creative Styling Contest at All American Grooming Show, with $1,600 in prize money and trophies.

This is the highlight of the Expo, with the winner taking home great prize money. This contest will offer first, second and third placements with $750, $400 and $250 to each winner, respectively. The winner of the People’s Choice Award will win $200 .

The contest is scheduled for Sunday afternoon, and viewing is FREE to all seminar and trade show attendees.

2022 All American Creative First Place