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Saturday Programs

“Me Too” Grooming Shop: Set Yourself Apart From The Competition

Dr. Cliff Faver & Suzanne Marchetti

If your grooming salon is just like everyone else, why would people come to you? Let’s look into niche marketing and talk about how you can beat the competition in your area. Find new ways to work smarter, not harder to increase your income!

Utilizing Technology For Your Business

Brett Wilson

Today’s society is changing. Client cards are a thing of the past, and marketing techniques have gotten streamlined with the use of technology. Join Brett as he discusses the ways you can implement technology into your grooming business and make your life less complicated and record keeping seamless.

Schnauzer Trim

Janice Fehn

Let's set these lines and shape that head! Create the eyebrows, expression and placement of beard. Pillar those legs and set that skirt! Options on length for the back, why and why not? Join Janice for this one hour demo and learn everything you ever wanted to know about the perfect Schnauzer trim.

How To Get And Keep Cat Clients

Danelle German

When starting her feline-exclusive grooming business, Danelle German realized there were obstacles standing in the way of getting clients to want a full groom for their cats and to getting them on a regular maintenance schedule. Along the way, she learned many valuable lessons on how to get cat clients, how to maximize the potential of each groom visit, and how to retain clients long-term. In this seminar, Danelle will share the tactics she has used over the years to develop a healthy and growing number of regular cat clients willing to pay top dollar to keep their kitties in fantastic condition!

Bread & Butter Grooming: Poodle

Kathy Rose

Kathy shares her tips to smooth scissoring techniques for the everyday groomer. Kathy will show you how to achieve a show worthy poodle clip easily and timely by combining clippering and scissoring for the perfect finish. Watch as she transforms the everyday poodle into a smoothly scissored pet that you would be proud to send walking out of your salon. Don't miss the chance to see this informative Poodle demo with the woman who judges the best of the best.

Handling Bad Reviews With A Winning Attitude

Khris Berry

Every business eventually faces the dreaded bad review. Handling bad reviews with class and style is an art - and this seminar will teach you how to navigate the treacherous waters of Google, Yelp, and Facebook reviews. You will learn how to craft appropriate responses; emotional, non-emotional, factual, humorous, and many more. Your public response (or lack thereof) to your reviews can be a powerful tool in traversing social media and maintaining your reputation. Learn to respond with passion and confidence and represent your business in a professional manner.

Grooming The Herding Group

Jennifer Bishop-Jenkins

How does an Aussie tail "smile"? Why does the Bouvier have such a huge head? Why did the AKC create the Herding Group in 1983? Learn all about this newest of the AKC groups, what breeds are in it, and their unique grooming needs. We will cover the history, behavior, Breed Standards, as well as grooming oddities and specifics of these agricultural workers. We will even dare to tackle the controversies surrounding the correct care of most common of all dog coats: the Double-Coat!

Cindy Knows Mobile!

Cindy Oliver

Come join Cindy for a fun, informative hour about mobile grooming! See how her long- running mobile businesses has been successful and how yours can be too! Listen to tips, experiences, funny stories, and more. If you’re just getting into mobile grooming or are a seasoned mobile groomer, this class is for you!

It's A Snap: Time-saving With Snap-on Combs

Kelly Knight

Are you tired of spending way too much time on the scissor breeds? In this class Kelly will go over the art of using Snap-on comes to cut your time down on those seriously time- consuming grooms.

Nail Trimming Does Not Need To Be Difficult

Deborah Walker

Nail trimming should be a snap; find out how in this session with Deborah Walker. Change the way the dog thinks and feels about getting its nails done. In this class, learn techniques from Deborah on (a) how to calm your dog during the nail process, (b) how to keep your dog from being the controlling factor in whether or not it gets its nails done, (c) how to reduce stress on older dogs through nail trimming, (d) the relationship between nails and behavior in the groom shop, (e) testing out the emotional state of the behavior during the nails session, and (f) learning the difference in technique to use with dominant behavior.

Solo Cat Handling 101

Danelle German

Learn how to handle cats safely, efficiently, and with finesse. Solo grooming is possible. Danelle solo groomed cats during her early years when she had no employees in her salon. She and her staff continue to solo groom cats to this day. Find out what makes this possible.

Salon Creative Add-On Services

Angela Kumpe

Angela will show you several new products for quick add-on creative services in the salon as well as covering several you may have seen before but just didn’t know how they were achieved . Some of the topics will include chalking, Swarovski crystals, iron on accessories, quick touches of color, glitter designs, and creative finishing touches.

Lisa Leady On Handstripping

Lisa Leady

Handstripping is not just for the show ring! In this seminar, Lisa will discuss the theory of handstripping as well as practical applications. Once you know more about how the wire coated breeds respond to stripping the way they do, you will be able to use these techniques to improve your clippered dogs in the salon. Lisa will discuss stripping tools and how to use them to improve the color and texture of your clients’ coats. And these methods apply to sporting dogs and mixed breeds as well as terriers!

Gizmos And Gadgets For Groomers

Cheryl Purcell

You’ve seen all those new tools, now find out how to use them! It seems like every time you open a catalog there’s some new grooming tool. Ever wonder if they're for you? Well, Cheryl, a self proclaimed gadget junkie, is here to let you know what's worth trying, what you just can’t live without and how to use the tools correctly. Learn how to groom more efficiently, and with less stress.

Employees: Engaged Vs Motivated

Brett Wilson

On the fence about hiring? Struggling to find great staff, or how to get more from your staff? Employees are the lifeblood of any industry and they are critical in getting the job done in our serviced based business. Whether you have 0 or 100 employees, this class is for you. Learn about when to hire, when to fire, and benefits. This business management class is geared towards owners and will have plenty of time for specific employee related questions.

A Groomer’s Guide To Purebred Dogs

Jennifer Bishop-Jenkins

This fast-paced overview of the world of purebred dogs will provide context and back story to the breeds we see every day in our grooming shops. Topics include: AKC Breed Standards - how they are written and how to interpret them; the breed “Groups”; the major Coat Types, how they fit Group and Breed function, and differ in grooming needs; the long history of the human-dog co-evolution; health issues associated with breeds; and an overview of canine genetics. We will also visit the recent trend in “Designer” crossbreeds, how to understand Dog Shows, and how grooming table behavior can be understood by learning about the breed.

De-Matting De-Mystified

Linda Easton

Don’t let de-matting get you down. Learn tips and tools to make this a profitable add-on for your business. With Linda’s system, getting rid of mats doesn’t have to be painful for you or the dogs! Linda will also share tips on taking matted and pelted dogs shorter without having to shave them bald. Yes, there is a way for EVERY dog. Get paid what you are worth for doing a pet friendly job.

Nutrition: How Does That Effect My Job?

Dr. Cliff Faver

How much does nutrition play in the health of the skin? You might be surprised! Come and learn more about the diets we feed and what you may want to consider in choosing and recommending a diet. How much can we trust labels and what do we need to know about the dog food industry?

Working To Live Or Living To Work

Barb Hoover

Balance; it can be hard to find when it comes to work, family and pets. We are often pulled in so many directions trying to please our clients and take care of our families that we don't take care of ourselves. Do you eat lunch on the run, if even at all? Do you work even when sick or injured? Are you so exhausted after a holiday rush that you can't enjoy the holiday with your family and friends? At the end of the day are you too tired to even groom your own dogs or sit down to dinner with your kids? Barb will share tips on creating a balance with time saving tricks to give you more free time and self care plans to make you feel and work your best.

Grooming The New Designer Dogs

Sue Watson

We are all getting them now; all those little or big Mix Breeds - no, wait - "designer" dogs. The owners have no clue what their pet should look like because they never want it to look like what it really is. Sue can give you suggestions that can help you deal with those clients and make their decisions easier for them and their fancy designer dogs. Bring your ideas along as well and we will share.